Rachel Garcia Palmer creates interior environments and artwork designed to suit the individual client. Specialty finishes, custom murals and trompe l'oeil, and one of a kind commisioned art transform interior spaces to reflect the personality of its owners and bring out the soul of the home. By creating custom artwork and finishes for each client, one can be assured that each home is a unique representation of its inhabitants.

Rachel Garcia Palmer's unique paintings, murals, and faux finishes are thoughtfully created for home owners to cherish for years to come. In one particular case, a client knocked down walls so she could have a better view of her living room mural from the kitchen as she prepared the family meals. Though this was extreme, the removal of walls is one of the best compliments Rachel Garcia Palmer has earned thus far.

Whatever the interior space - living room, dining room, hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms or children's rooms - murals and custom finishes by Rachel Palmer Arts bring art throughout the home and emphasizes the personalities of those who live there.